A high-efficiency electrostatic air filter is the perfect companion to a freshly cleaned air duct system. These specialized filters remove 94% of the contaminants that pass through them. The average disposable air filter removes only 10% or less. If you've already invested in getting your air ducts cleaned, this premium quality filter will keep your system clean and free of irritants for years to come. How do electrostatic air filters work? Electrostatic air filters work by using specially engineered fibers that produce an electric charge (like static electricity) that collects air pollutants and traps them in the filter so they stay out of the air you breathe. How much better are electrostatic filters than regular, throw-away air filters? The average throw-away filter traps less than 10% of the particles in the air. Electrostatic air filters trap as much as 94% of the particles in the air while still providing optimal airflow for your air system. What type of maintenance is required? Every 30-60 days, just remove the air filter from your system, hose it off in the opposite direction of airflow, let it air dry, and place it back in your system.